Firstly, how to not pay at all:


***MCI recommends you speak to your own solicitor for advice on wording to be included in your terms and conditions with your customers to ensure recovery / legal action costs can be on-charged to your customer. Below we have detailed some suggested terminology to assist you Solicitor.

See following suggested wording you may want to look at including in:

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Letters of Demand to your customer

The Applicant will pay the Supplier’s costs and disbursements incurred in pursuing any recovery action, or any other claim or remedy, against the Applicant, including collection costs, debt recovery fees and legal costs. Such costs and disbursements will be due and payable by the Applicant to the Supplier irrespective of whether pursuit of the recovery action, claim or remedy is successful


(Please note all fees are exclusive of AUSTRALIAN GST)

SET UP FEE For every account referred to MCI for recovery $40.00 + GST
COMMISSION  Pricing is calculated by scale Charged on all payments received
$100  –   $500 25% plus GST
$501  –   $2,500 20% plus GST
$2,501 & over 15% plus GST

FIELD CALLS Depending on debtor location (quoted prior to field call is conducted)
LEGAL ACTION Dependent on court pricing (quotation provided when actions are recommended)
SKIP TRACING Depending on the searches required (quoted prior to work being undertaken)